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Established in 2000, Infinity Computer has strived and continues to endeavour to deliver the best quality and priced IT solutions. As an Acer Authorised Service Provider and parts reseller, we strive to help in the best way we can.


Our team of very qualified and experienced technicians are always here to help, combining their many years of expertise with the latest technologies and methods to help our customers gain the most from their visit.


We pride ourselves on our vast selection of computers and hardware’s, also providing the highest quality devices to our customers. You will not be disappointed during your visit.   


We have helped all of our customers select the right computer, repaired thousands of computers, laptops and servers, and have always provided a highest standard of service. We tailor our solutions for the customers and are always ready to help.


Take a look in our online catalogue or come in store to ask about the right computer, or enquire about any repairs needed.