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Acer Warranty Service


Instead of sending your Acer computer interstate for warranty service. We could help you get service done in our service centre in Victoria. This will help you minimize any risk during transportation of computer and you can talk to our friendly support member in person. Just fill out above request form (SNID is necessary) and we will contact you shortly.


What is the SNID Number?


The Serial Number IDentification (SNID) number is an 8 or 11 digit number which is located on a white label on your Acer Product.


Where is the SNID Number Located?


  • Notebooks: on the base cover of your notebook or netbook.
  • Desktops: on the side panel of the desktop or on the rear of All-in-one PC.
  • Tablets: on a label inside the cover of the SD card reader or on the edge cover.

Please note: Acer SNID numbers do not include the letter O, it is always the number zero.


Locating your SNID or Serial Number on more devices